City of Morgan Hill Urban Limit Line/Greenbelt Study Final Advisory Committee Report

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* side of Uie valley souil:i of Dunne Avcnn.e: Ranking 3
Pote.'itial VIS',},')! impacte an; jn'inTarily In ilie one unincorponii.eJ area 'Aoih
subdivisiori polenriaj.'fherc are siibssanlial areas sabjecl to pioienliai
landslides. The visual impact and earilKjuakc hack'd issues arc assiuried to
be aLidressed ihrougit.ciusieied locaiion of devciopraenb if a subdivision rs

proce.ssed and approved in the Courny.
■i’ Southensl Quadrant; Ranking to tic i.lctei'!riiiied in Area Flan |?‘.'i 'iiere is no need or basis to acquire land before the Area Plan is

completed. Everitually it i.s likely that this will be nTligh Priori'v a!;.;.-]
Santa Clara Ct)on'}’v DEvitLORMSNT Review Process

; Neafty ad the land :dcn!j;fied as pait.ef the OiTenbeit. asSvepas ptqter hillside and fiat
rarids are,and will co'iii.nuc to be .uoinpQ.rporafed and.i'hns regulafe& by Sunla Clara
Caiinty develo[nrient policies and rcgiilaiicms. The. .Advisory Coinmittee approved

. the rdiiovving principle regarding dcvelopinem i.iionincorpora ted.Santa Ciara C'oiiniy
■:> The City should actively work with die County to find mechanisicc
ihivt wouUl provide the City wish .greater control over devciopnieui in ihc
unint.-orporated areas of the Sphere of Innuersce.
The Advi.sory Coimniuee recoin mends that the City work with Sant?. (Tara County to
achieve the following Goal, hudicy and Deveiop'ment Rega,latioriS.


Minimize fire visual impact on ivlorgan 1 iill’s valley floor and major
iranspottalion corridors of development m hillside greenbdt area;- aiu! on
Finley Rjdge.



I'hc basic Sania Clara County developtircnt review priyresses should he
evaluated and updated and strengthened to achieve greater contro.i over the
visibility, from.the valley floor and major transportation corridors, of
St rue in the IMorgan Hill Hillside grcenbelt areas. 'This updated

review proccs;; should result in a minimal review proce.s,s for slmcmres

that are not visihie rVotu the valley floor and major transport at ion corridors

and an exscn.sive review [rroce.s.s 1'or stmctufe.s llval are visible.

R: riANNi-StGAVPal/ltitian Li.rat Line .StuUy/Piaal

t'inui .Rvr.ioti ibr Ot.: Worlr Shop

Key Developrneni {\’cgi.ih'itions

Th£ updated Couuiy Building.SUe and Design process should provide
Kirenpihened review of slnjciyreS in gi'eenbejt.areas iliai are visible li-Oiii
I he vai jty floor and ■major iransponation corridors,

o Ap]3iicab)ii(y: Apply !0 all development in hiUsidc greenhelts

i;'.'dcs-s cxeiTipied.



Buikiing 1 Kaghi Ldniii; .30 feet.
Dolor: Bight Rericclivity Value (],.,RV) of 60 or less.

Rehuildinp: Aiiow rebuilding if structures destroyed by ;m act of'

nature: rcpiacernem of voluntarily demolished ‘mumiires subject lo

new regethuions,

Plueenserit of Struciures:



ivlioimizc the visual impact of structures iVom the valley floor
and major transponatian corridors;
StTuciures shall not, project above the perceived ri dgeliTtc
rimless granted an exception; and
. .'
.. . ■
, .
Establish riiture sirdcture locatio.n.S: as.part of any new
siihd'visiiui approvals,

Landsciiping: Review lundscapmg plans

o' Ligliiing: address location and direction (;[■ light during review

process; no regulation of light levels.
Gr.ading: minimize grading while balattcj-ng the need for gmoing to

achieve other envirorime'rital objectives,

o New Subdivisions: address visual i.ssues d'uring subdivision
appiicatio-n review.
Esc of Tmnslcr of Developrneni Credits: pursue


;.;cqiiire caseinems over highly vi

SrHrs'tb': aST

,e on'DCs to

blc isiSes.

QUA>'>RAN-i' Rj<:COM.ME.‘^l>SD Pi..A;HNlNG FR.V^3£WORK


f’hme I: Indiisiriiil Ijind Analysis

. o.-Kluct an inventory and analysis of planned and cither-vacanlor underdeveiopeci .
tndurtrjai land within the City’s existing growth boundarie.s. Conduct the stuciy on a
•'nrcc! with an ar£ of land suitability based on parcel size, access,

The Study should
!Avnpat!f)ilitv with existing uses, and other potenliai constraints,
trends for jndusinai bmkltngs.
,risu analyze cun-ent and future development and use

If die market i,s shifting ;.tway from traditional manufacturing activities, new industrial
changes iti
buildings rn-ay have .more office add resem'ch .space with resulting

employ nicnl
mcraases i( »

densities. Project land needs for 5 to 10 years and identify needs for

the industrial k-M supply. Recommend alternative use for parcels nor

Kuitahle foi conventional industrial uses.

R: PKANNtf-IGrvVrtU/tJrban Umii Luik St»dy/nnai Rttport/Draft Pinal Report for CC Work Stop


Committee presented urban limit line/greenbelt study presented to Morgan Hill City Council.


James T. Beall, Jr.

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