Summary of Proceedings regarding County Viewshed Protectoin Study

Board of Supen/isors, County of Santa Clara

Summary'of Proceedings

Augusi/a, ^uuo

f. Adopted Resolution commending PreSchool Family for 60 years of providing
parents and pre-school children a rewarding, supportive, and nurturing

1:30 p.m. Time Certain -In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority

64. Accepted report relating to In-Home Supportive Services(IHSS)Public Authority for
Fiscal Year 2005-2006.

Referred to Administration for consideration: Review ofIHSS Advisory Board
recommendations outlined in 2005-2006 Annual Report.
ftfW '

2:00 p.m. Land Use Hearing

65. Convened hearing to consider whether to accept for formal processing

privately—initiated General Plan Amendment application to modify boundary of San
Martin Commercial Use Permit Area to include parcel located at 13635 Sycamore

Avenue, San Martin, property of Randy and Kim Anh Scianna (File No.
1323-72-32-06GP).(Supervisorial District 1)

Opened public hearing and received testimony.

b. Closed public hearing.

c. Approved proposed exemption from California Environmental Quality Act

d. Accepted application for formal processing.

66. Convened hearing to consider proposed recommendations relating to County
Viewshed Protection Study, including General Plan text amendment. Zoning

Ordinance Text Amendments, and Zoning Map amendments to apply "-dl" Design

Review Zoning District to certain parcels within areas visible from the valley floor.
(File No. 8630-00-00-06GP-06Z)


Board of Supervisors, County of Santa Clara

Summary of Proceedings


Auguswa, iuuD

Opened public hearing and received testimony.

b. Closed public hearing,

c. Approved use of County General Plan Environmental Impact Report(EIR) as
California Environmental Quality Act(CEQA)clearance,

and Development
d. Adopted Resolution amending text of General Plan Growth
Chapter Rural Unincorporated Area Issues and Policies, to add "Strategy No. 3:
Ensure Environmentally-Safe and Aesthetic Hillside Development," as part of
Countywide Viewshed Protection Study,

I of County of Santa
e. Adopted Ordinance No. NS-1200.320 amending Appendix
to Viewshed
Clara Ordinance Code to implement regulations relating

Vote: Gage: Yes

Alvarado: Yes McHugh: Yes Beall: Yes

Kniss: Yes

Maps, Section
f. Adopted Ordinance No. NS-1200.321 amending Official Zoning
Code, to rezone
1.20.060 of Appendix I of County of Santa Clara Ordinance
certain parcels to include "-dl," Design Review Zoning District.
Vote: Gage: Yes

Alvarado: Yes McHugh: Yes Beall: Yes

Kniss: Yes

g. Approved policy relating to development projects in process

As of the effective

date of any new regulations, any project for which single building site approval
and/or grading approval has been granted shall be allowed to develop m the
approved location as shown on and in accordance withtoapproved
new zoning or other
However, any building or structure would be subject
regulations that become effective prior to building permit issuance."

h. Directed Administration to evaluate Viewshed-related policies, ordinance
amendments, and guidelines within 18-24 months and provide a status report to


Board of Supetvisors, Coun^/of Santa Clara

Surnmari' of Proceedings

Augusi 2:a, iuub

the Board with changes that may be appropriate to enhance effectiveness,
provide necessary flexibility, or improve clarity.
Directed Administration to extend projects in pipeline through February 2007 or
for six months.

Parks and Recreation Department

67. Considered recommendations relating to Live Oak Bridge and Toyon water system

improvements at Anderson Lake County Park, and took the following actions.

Adopted Resolution making California Environmental Quality Act(CEQA)
findings and adopting a Negative Declaration for the construction of the Live

Oak Bridge and Toyon Water System Improvements in Anderson Lake County


b. Identified the Clerk of the Board and Parks and Recreation Department as

location and custodian of the documents or other material that constitute record
of proceedings upon which decision is based.

* 68. Approved Request for Appropriation Modification No. 18 - $1,500,000 transferring
funds within the Department ofParks and Recreation budget relating to additions to
Fiscal Year 2007 Capital Improvement Project budget.
Roads & Airports

* 69. Considered recommendations relating to traffic actions on various County maintained
roadways, and took the following actions:

Adopted Resolution requesting use of radar speed enforcement by California
Highway Patrol(CHP)on Fairway Drive from McKee Road to Rennie Avenue,
San Jose.

b. Adopted Resolution requesting use of radar speed enforcement by CHP on
Gordon Avenue from Kirk Avenue to Greenside Drive, San Jose.


Section of minutes from 08/29/2006 Board of Supervisors meeting regarding County Viewshed Protection Study.


James T. Beall, Jr.

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