Long Term Commitment to Environment Viewshed and Hillside Protection

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Fact Sheet

Board Chair Initiatives 2006

Long Term Commitment to Environment
Viewshed and Hillside Protection

Working with the Board of Supervisors and County staff, as Chair, Supervisor Beall will make
establishing strong hillside development regulations and open space protection a priority. The
Board of Supervisors and County Staff will work over the next three months to develop practical,
strong, and uniform guidelines to protect Santa Clara County viewsheds and hillsides from
incompatible development.

The goal will be to include the preservation of remaining natural and historic resources, watersheds
and the beauty of the County, and to maintain the highest quality of life for our residents. Priority
will be given to safeguarding scenic views and open space by barring structure from ridgelines and
hilltops, unless there is no alternative.

The County Board of Supervisors oversees development regulations and polices applicable to
hillsides and viewsheds in vast unincorporated areas. Ensuring that development occurs in a
manner that meets the following goals is critical to the future of Santa Clara County:
❖ Prevents inappropriate development:
❖ Preserves the aesthetic and scenic qualities of such areas;
❖ Protects the natural conditions and respects existing topography;

Following a Land Use Workshop in August of 2005, the Board directed Planning Office staff to
develop draft policies and procedures to implement preliminary recommendations related to

Viewshed Protection. Additionally, staff was directed to conduct appropriate public and community
outreach and report back to the Board of Supervisors with recommended policy and
implementation plan by Spring 2006. A Viewshed Protection Stakeholders group has been

established with representatives from each Supervisorial office.

Fact sheet from Building Community for All Board Chair Initiatives 2006 entitled "Long Term Commitment to Environment Viewshed and Hillside Protection".


James T. Beall, Jr.

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