Budget Proposal for the Extension of a Soundwall Along San Tomas Expressway

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James T. Beall, Jr.

Supervisor. Fourth District


June 9,1999


Board of Supervisors
Richard Wittenberg, County Exeoutive


James T. Beall, Jr.

Supervisor, District


Gary Graves
Phyllis Perez, Clerk of the Board

Budget proposal for the extension of a soundwall along San
Tomas Expressway

It is requested that the Board of Supervisors consider a one-time allocation of
$50,000 for a 100 lineal foot extension of the soundwall along northbound San

Tomas Expressway in the City of Campbell. The funds should come from the
Roads and Airports Department's Budget. This proposal will construct a
soundwall between the terminus of the current soundwall and the southern

boundary of Merrimac Drive's right of way.
The Hamilton East Homeowners Association (HEHA) notified my office of
several safety and quality of life issues that would be ameliorated with the
extension of the existing soundwall.

There are significant safety concerns that result from ending a soundwall at
the exact edge of a residential complex. There is little protection for the
neighborhood from errant vehicles on northbound San Tomas Expressway
because the soundwall does not extend beyond the end of the residential
complex. There is no protection from vehicles on northbound San Tomas

Expressway that leave the roadway at an angle. The California Highway
Patrol has informed my office that within the last twelve months there have

been 13 vehicular accidents along northbound San Tomas Expressway
between Hamilton Avenue and Payne Avenue.

The soundwall will provide the security requisite to fulfill the HEHA's desire
■ to create a quiet space for the enjoyment of the outdoors and peaceful
contemplation. The City of Campbell and the HEHA have worked together
for many years to enhance the vacant lot at the western terminus of
Merrimac Drive. The City of Campbell has graciously provided four
Ornamental Pear trees and ten Redwood trees. The HEHA has irrigated and

pruned the trees and maintained the appearance of the area. There are plans
for the addition of a bench and grass. The City of Campbell Public Works and
Community Development Departments have indicated that they would be
willing to recommend the vacation of the Merrimac Drive terminus to the
City Council. The last remaining piece of the plan is the soundwall.
The expressways are the jurisdiction of the County. Therefore, quality of life

and safety concerns that result from the design, construction, or operation of
the expressways are paramount. Precedent for this proposal can be found in
the provision of enhancements to County expressways in Palo Alto and San

The Roads and Airports Department generated the cost estimate at my
request. It is attached to this proposal for your review.


MON 07:46 FAJL 408573S905

i4il UUZ

County of Santa Clara
R^ds and Airports Depanment

loi skyport Drive
San Jose,California 9511CH302



May 21, 1999


Michael Murdter, Director,

Roads & Airports Department

Craig ?£kfsih. Assistant Civil Engineer


Highway Design

Cost estimate for soimdwall on San Tomas Expressway per Sean Charpentier

A field check revealed that existing sound wall is a 6’ high precast concrete wall. An additional 100 LF would

start at the edge ofthe last townhouse and protect the terminus of Merrimac Drive. We estimate the total cost to
be $50,000, which includes county labor costs for engineering & construction.


J. Randall.
R. Parsons.

D, Collen

ard of Supervisors: Donald f.Gage.Blanca Alvarado,Pete McHugh,James T. Beall,.ir,S Joseph Slmlrtan
County Executive Richard Wittenberg


Requesting that the Board of Supervisors Consider a One Time Allocation of $50,000 for a 100 Lineal Foot Extension of the Soundwall Along Northbound San Tomas Expressway in the City of Campbell

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James T. Beall, Jr.

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