Letter from Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Assoc. Support Component B

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February 21, 2006


Mich;iel (408) 289-8449

Tuc-sdc>y, Februa,y 21 , 2006 9:54 PM


Shem1an Oaks Neighborhood Association

Frndertck J_ Ferrer, Chairman
First Five Commission of Santa Clara County
4000 Moorpark Avenue. Suite 200

San Jose, CA 95117

Dear Commission Chairman Ferrer.


The Sherman Oaks Neighbortiood Association (SONA) is the southern part of the Burbank strong
Neighborhoods Initiative area identified by the City of San Jose as being blighted and in need of
services. The purpose of our association is to empower ou~elves to take respon~ibility for our
neighborhood, as well as to advocate for our neighbors who are unfamiliar with either English or
participatory democracy.


N5 such, the SONA Board wishes to express support for Supervisor Beall'a budget request submitted to
Santa Clara County First Five on November 18, 2005 to allocate $2 million annually for five years to
areas Identified as Component 8. This will allow mora children in need to be served in courrty pockets of

poverty. Sherman Oaks/Burbank is part of the Western Region area identified by First Five fpr

Component B due to the number of children with multiple rlsk factors living here. We believ~ Supervisor
Beall's budget request to allocate additional dollars to Component B will make the Preschool For An
lnitlative more equitable end serve more children in need. Currently, santa Clara County Fit Five's
Preschool For All Initiative allocates the majority of the praschoof slots, 1088, In Component:C. The
1,088 slots in Component C are primarily distributed in neighborhoods located along the Guadalupe
Corridor. Furthennore, neighborhoods located in Component C will receive the majority of th'e $42
million, a 5ignific;ant portion of First Five income.

In our own neighborhood there are apartnent complexes that hol..lS8 children with multiple ri~k factors
who should be eligible for Component C. We are very much aware that over the years, the ~aeds of
families in the Sherman Oaks area and in adjcJcent Burbank and BL!ena Vista areas have be~n over
looked perhaps because we are sandWiched between two areas of wealth, Willow Glen and ose
Gartlen. However, if one looks at a map of the County districts mapped against a map of poverty by
census tract, one will see that we are located at the eastern edge of County District 4 and border County
District 2, the poorest county district. We are part of a corridor of poverty running through do1ntown San
Jose to the east side. Sherman Oaks Community Charter School has 70% of students rec:aivino
free/reduced lunch; 60% do not speek English at home (they became e ehartar school so th~t they could
admit more English-speakers from outside of their attendance area in order to integrete the school.)


We understa11d and appreciate the time commitment of Commission members in deciding htiw to
equitably allocate income from Proposttion 10 taxes. In closing we strongly urge you to vota in support of
Supervisor Beall's proposal. We thank you in advance for cohsldeting our request arid look forward to
working with you on this worthwhile endeavor.



Michael LaRocca, 1reasurer
Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Association
Cc: James T. Beall Jr., Santa Clara County Supervisor - Di~trict 4

SONA I P.O. Box59i46 San Jose, CA 95129-01461 Web: http://WWW,sona-sj,c.om

Letter from Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Association Support Supervisor Jim Beall's proposed Component B


James T. Beall, Jr.

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District 4


Michael LaRocca, Treasurer, Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Assoc.




San Jose


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