SW Region To Receive Least From FIRST 5 New Strategic Plan

Dear Community Member,
If you live in the South West region (Cupertino, Saratoga, West San Josel Monte Sereno, Los
Gatos and the mountain regions), you would be particularly interested to know that O children
prenatal to age 5 will have no direct benefit to the $30 million that is allocated to FIRST 5
Santa Clara county!
In California, Proposition 1O (passed in 1998) added a 50-cent tax to each pack of cigarettes
and a similar tax on other tobacco products. This money was put into a state fund to help
establish and build a system that would promote and create happy and healthy families.
Approximately $700 million is generated each year and Santa Clara County receives about $30
million in funding annually.
The FIRST 5 of Santa Clara County recently drew up a new strategic plan and a new funding
distribution chart. Out of that money, the South West Region will receive the lowest amount,
specifically, 2% ($210,000) of the $9.2million that has been allocated for this round offunding!!
According to their documentation and charts, the number of children they aim to serve in
specific categories is ZERO. So if you have a child under age 6 and living in the region, your
child and your family will not receive family support services.
We urge you to take action and let those at FIRST 5 know that you do not agree with this plan.
With your support and active voice as a concerned resident! the commissioners need to know
that the community does not agree with this plan. If you need transportation, please email
[email protected] or call 408.621.8985. For more information, please visit www.first5sw.com:

The most impact you can make is to show up at the next
FIRST 5 Commissioners' meeting:

Wednesday, 8 February, 1Oam (please arrive at 9:45am)
Community Room
4000 Moorpark Ave, , San Jose, CA 95117

Other things we can do ...

Join in the Postcard campaign. You can either complete the a-postcard at the end of the

email or complete it on-line at www.first5sw.com/postcard.htm.

Please spread the word!!!
Your time and voice is much appreciated!!
Jenny Chu, Eder Camacho, Karen Chuang, Andrew Fernandez, Ai Hui Ong, Jenelle Williams,
Magdalene Teo, Victoria Yang, Jose Acosta, Brigid McCabe,
SW Campaign Committee
(This campaign is privately funded by concerned residents of the South West region)

Please complete the following and email to [email protected] or you can
complete it on-line at www.first5sw.com/postcard.htm. This needs to be
submitted to them as soon as possible, latest early February.

Please select [x] who you would like to send the postcard email to. We will be printing and handdelivering all postcards to the persons concerned.

Everyone on this list
Jolene Smith, Executive Director
Frederick J. Ferrer, FIRST 5 Commissioner, Chair
Cynthia Ruby, FIRST 5 Commissioner, Vice Chair
Blanca Alvarado, FIRST 5 Commissioner
Corazon Basa Cortes Tomalinas, FIRST 5 Commissioner
Mayra Cruz, FIRST 5 Commissioner
Akemi Flynn, FIRST 5 Commissioner
Will Lightbourne, FIRST 5 Commissioner
Robert Sillen, FIRST 5 Commissioner
Eleanor Villarreal, FIRST 5 Commissioner
Board of Supervisors

Together with other concerned citizens, I am writing to ask you to reconsider your upcoming
funding a/location for the South West region. I believe that eligibility of services should be based
on each individual's circumstances and not on a geographic location. Every child should have
access to a system and services to promote the healthy development of children. I urge you and
the FIRST 5 Commissions to take action so that there is truly•~ Chance for Every Child".
Thank you,
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Letter from SW Campaign Committee urge to take action. SW region (Cupertino, Saratoga, West San Jose, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos and the mount regions) that children prenatal to age 5 will have no direct benefit to the $30 mission that is allocated to FIRST 5.


James T. Beall, Jr.

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