Letter from Westside School District Supporting Component B

Campbell Union School District

Cambrian School District

Luther Burbank Sch~I District

Johanna VanderMolen. Superlntendent

Barry Groves, Superintendent

Richard Rodriguez, Supt!rln}.eno'ent

Moreland School District

Union School District
Phil Quon, Superinrendent

Campbell Union High {>chool District

Leslie Adelson, Supcrlntenie.nt


Rhonda Farber, Superinf~ndent

Januaty 26, 2006

Frederick J. Ferrer, Chairman
First Five Commission of Santa Clara County
4000 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 200
San Jose. CA 95117
Dear Commission Chairman Ferrer:

For severa.1 years, we have partnered with Sup~rvisor Bean on the Westside Children's Health Initiative Sjtakeholders
Collaborative (WCHI). The purpose of the WCHI is two fold: 1) to develop and imp1ement an effective health insurance
enrollment outTeach plan to six school districts in the West region of the County (Campbell Union Elementary, Cambrian,
Luther Burbank, Moreland. Union, and Campbell High school districts), and 2) to raise parents' awareness about the
importance of health insurance for children. Our partnership has experienced tremendous success. As a 1esult of our
efforts, over I 000 children in our schools have applied for health insurance. Wilhout the outreach efforlS of our
collaborative, many children in need of health insurance may have gone unnoticed.
As members of the Westside Children's Health Initiative 1 We wish to express our strong suppon for Superlrisor Bealrs
budget request submitted to Santa Clara County First Five on November l 81 2005. His request to aJJocate bdditional
money to Component B will allow more children in need to be senred. Given that First Five's mission is to serve all
children. we think the Commission has an opportunity to use some of the money set aside in their reserve expand
preschool more equitably and serve more children jn need of preschool. The Commission's Preschool pla11 as currently
proposed spends the majority of their Preschool funds in one geographic Jocation 1 the six zip codes along t~1e Guadalupe
Co1Tidor, blown as Component C. We strongly believe that eligibility should be based on the individual nJed of the child
and not on a geographic location. We understand these six zip codes have highest number of children 0-5 \}'ith multiple
risk faclors. We also understand that families in this area need programs. However, there are families in a~ of our school
districts with multiple risk factors who desperately need services. We are all pa,nfully aware that after multiple years of
budget cutbacks, there are fewer programs to provide critical services to help families in need.


We truly appreciate the Commission members 1 dedication devoted to serving those in need in our communjty. We share
your commitment to the healthy emotional, physical and academic development of young children in our cemmunities.
rnere are many impoverished children with multiple learning barriers in our schools who can benefit from ,the
Proposition 10 taxes. We strongly urge you to vote in support of Supervisor Beall 's proposal.



Richord Rodrigue~. Supt:r/ntendent


Phil Quort Superintendent

Rhonda Forber, 5C!perlnt~ndent




Letter from Westside School District Superintendents supporting Component B.


James T. Beall, Jr.

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